Special call for paper in RJSSHB to the authors/researchers from School of Law and those with the same area of interest

Dear Author/Researcher

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Release of First year 2020- 2021 admission results

New students to start in year 1 at University of Rwanda can now check their admission status by clicking on the link below : https://registration.ur.ac.rw/srms1/

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Provisional Teaching Timetables for Y1 and 2-Trim. 3&4

CASS Teaching Timetable 2019-2020-Trimester 2&3 for Y1&2-Consolidated-29-11-2020 CBE Teaching Timetable-2019_2020-Y1&2-Trim.2&3-Consolidated CMHS Teaching Timetable-2019-2020-Y1&2-Trim.2&3-Huye Campus

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Call for academic promotion, 2020 round

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Revised calendar (levels 3,4,5) for academic year 2019/2020

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Teaching Timetables for Year 3,4&5, Trimester 2&3 of Academic Year 2019_2020

Timetable for CASS Timetable for CBE Timetable for CMHS

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