Business Dvt Consultancy & Investments

Mr. Colin Karuhanga
Business Development, Consultancy and Investment Specialist

Business Development, Consultancy and Investments

Mr. Colin Karuhanga who is working as Business Development, Consultancy and Investment Specialist at UR Huye Campus, began his tenure as a banker at the former commercial Bank of Rwanda where he served as the bank’s clearing agent at the central bank of Rwanda-BNR and worked as the bank’s back office accountant for 5 years (2003-2008).
Prior to that, he worked as the Program Accountant for UR Sida Coordination Program for 7 years (2008-2016), later was appointed as Program Coordinator for UR Fojo Project in the school of Journalism in the College of Arts and Social Sciences where he worked for 1 year (2015-2016), later was appointed to served as Director of Finance for the University of Rwanda for 3 years (2016-2019), and in August 2017 to December 2017 was given more responsibilities of Ag Corporate Division Manager at University of Rwanda Head office, a task that had a supervisory role of Effective management and oversight of all financial and other operational functions for the entire University.
He earned his bachelor’s degree in Management from the then National University of Rwanda (1995-2000), and a Master’s degree in Accounting at the University of Rwanda (2012-2014).
Skills, knowledge and expertise
-  Training in management information system-Business Process Drivers with ITS user group software in south Africa
-  Training in IDEA Audit software by KPMG Auditors Kenya.
-  Training in financial reporting with Institute of banking and financial services Uganda.
-  Training in Project Accounting with Institute of banking and financial services Uganda.
-  Training in budgeting Preparation and Execution Strategy with center for management Institute in South Africa.
-  Training in banking operations, Monitory and financial systems commercial bank of Rwanda.

Skype Name : 0783456584

Functions and Tasks of Business Development, Consultancy and Investments
Functions Tasks
Identify, Develop and Coordinate Campus investment priorities and set strategies to realize them

• Develop plan to accomplish UR’s investment goals.
• Provide investment information related to new UR programs, regulatory issues and new policies.
• Identify and convey issues or constraints associated with processes, operations, systems, platform, pricing and propose alternatives.
• Ensure conformance with entire UR company guidelines and regulatory policies.
• Identify customers ‘investment needs by basic financial planning modules.
• Provide different investment products to attain successfully identified needs.
• Maintain and update records of stakeholder and existing customers.
• Prioritize customer requirements and cross-sells services and products of varied company business lines.
• Ensure to plans everyday center of influence contacts.
• Identify changing needs and develop strong customer relationships.
• Plan and conduct customer and stakeholders meetings to review current accounts.
• Develop community and market awareness to actively accomplish sales opportunities.
• Identify and develop alternative procedures of business development to draw new assets and attain planned goals.

Oversee , coordinate and evaluate Campus business plans and financial projections

• Assesses business start-up and expansion with development needs
• Work with the Business development program to provide technical assistance to persons
• starting a new business including evaluating business and marketing plans, financial proformas, and projected cash flows
• Track service delivery and outcomes in customer database, and reviews documentation of all Business Development counseling sessions in cooperation with staff
• Create customer computer file and promptly input new client data into data collection systems.
• Analyzes, evaluates, and reports to the University Senior Officials for decision-making.
• Customers with lending team or for customer action plan
• Assist in marketing strategies of all lending and business development programs
• Participate and make follow up on UR projects as needed to accomplish overall goals and objectives.

Coordinate the consultancy activities

• Identify external consultancy opportunities in line with colleges, schools and university strategies
• Promote and coordinate all College activities that are related to consultancy
• Prepare development plans and present them to the governing bodies for approval and supervise their implementation ;
• Derive strategies to develop consulting business of the Colleges
• Collaborate and guide the team in carrying out studies and preparation of detailed project reports
• Advice the Principal on policy issues related to Consultancy and coordinate the implementation of the same throughout the College.
• Recommend for approval consultants proposed by School
• Monitor and evaluate different stages of implementation and take corrective measures


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