Anne Marie Kagwesage

13 Jun 2022

Anne Marie Kagwesage

Dr Anne Marie Kagwesage Associate Professor and Researcher at the University of Rwanda (UR), College of Arts and Social Sciences
I have an extensive experience of more than twenty years in academics and research. My academic experience and interest focus on developing both hard and soft skills on subject related to English language skills development, ICT and study skills development, research skills etc.

Through national and international partnerships and collaboration, I have worked on and successfully completed a number of projects either as a Principal investigator, a co-investigator, Team Leader or team member. I participated in writing winning proposals for internally funded small-scale projects and externally funded large scale projects with organisations such as the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida), International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Foreign Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO), MasterCard Foundation (MCF) and others. I also participated in running related projects in collaboration with national and international partners.

As an established researcher I have been part of different multidisciplinary research teams that contributed knowledge in different areas spanning from applied social Sciences to Innovations through knowledge production processes and knowledge systems, research management and interface between social sciences, Humanities and Business. I have also extensively published academic papers, reports and blogs emanating from my involvement in multidisciplinary research undertakings.

I have been involved and contributed in academic leadership at various levels from Department Secretary, Faculty Vice-dean, to Centre Director." amakagwe@yahoo.fr, 0788532191, @DrKagwesage "(1) Kagwesage, A.M., Kabwete,C., Safari, K., and Murenzi, J. (2020). Reflections of Rwandan Mature Women Students on the Contribution of University Studies in Improving Individual and Community Lives. Journal of Popular Education in Africa. 4(10), 133-148.
(2) Kabwete, C., Kagwesage, A.M., Safari, K., and Murenzi, J. (2020). Fighting intellectual marginalisation through critical thinking : A glimpse at mature women’s tertiary education in Rwanda. Research in Post-compulsory Education. 25 (1), 69-90.
(3) Mukama, E., Kagwesage, A.M., Uwizeye, D., and Ndikubwimana, J. B. (2019). ""Gutoranya itsinda nkeshwamakuru"". In Mukama, E. and Nkusi, L (Eds). Ubushakashatsi mu Bumenyi Nyamuntu n’Imibanire y’Abantu. Cape Twon : African Minds
(4) Safari, K., Kabwete, C., Kagwesage, A.M., and Murenzi, J. (2017). Boosting Voice Equity at Workplace : an Implication of Tertiary Education on Mature Women work performance in Rwanda. American Journal of Educational Research, 6 (1) : 14-26.
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(7) Kagwesage, A.M. (2013). Coping with English as instructional language in higher education in Rwanda. International Journal of Higher Education, 2(2), 1-12.
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(9) Kateregga A. &Kagwesage A.M. (2011). The implications of a common language policy in the East African Community : contradictions, challenges and lessons for Rwanda. Nkumba Business Journal 10 (1):91-123.
(10) Kagwesage A.M (2007). Towards English for Academic Purposes in the Rwandan context : The case of the first year of the management faculty at the National University of Rwanda. Etudes Rwandaises, 11, 290-306."


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