Dr Gatare calls on new students at CST to embrace UR values

    By    HAGABIMANA Eugene   on 21 Nov 2019

The Call was made by the Principal of the University of Rwanda College of Science and Technology during orientation exercise for new students at Nyarugenge Campus. This was a prime time for freshers to get clues and tips that will easily facilitate their transition into Campus life. The event also featured the introduction of all the College’s managers and responsibilities attached to their positions. On the occasion, the University Chancellor Patricia Campbell, was also present and shared useful insights to students.

A section of freshers during the Induction week

In his welcoming remarks, Dr Ignace Gatare, the Principal of the College of Science and Technology asked new students to aim at achieving more and be ready to invest efforts in order to reach to their objectives. He also urged freshers to demonstrate high degree of responsibility and integrity while upholding the campus values that refrain students from indecent behaviours and academic malpractices such as cheating and plagiarism.

At some point in his remarks, Principal cautioned new students about the University freedom. He reminded them that living in the campus differ from high school and asked them to enjoy freedom with responsibility. According to him College requires students to work hard to achieve expected learning outcomes.

“The freedom you are going to enjoy is a test about the level of your responsibility” Gatare told freshers.

Speaking during the exercise, Patricia Campbell told new students that the University of Rwanda looks to give students more exposure to values of being responsible global citizens while understanding the importance of public service and civic engagement. She also informed them that they are key players to advance the country’s goal to spearhead the field of science and technology.

Patricia Campbell (L) and Dr Gatare sharing their insights with students

“You need to know that knowledge you gained and skills that you have developed are going to be used for the betterment of the people of this country” Said Patricia

Students were also urged to demonstrate good attitude and discipline with much respect to public property. Patricia Campbell is in Rwanda to officiate the UR Graduation ceremony which is slated this Friday 8th November, 2019.

Staff and students during induction exercise


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