Dr Gloriose Mugirase

13 Jun 2022

Dr Gloriose Mugirase

Module Leader of English for Specific Purposes in the College of Business and Economics" "College of Arts and Social Sciences" "Center for Language Enhancement" "Department
of English" "Applied Lingusitics/ Language Education"

I hold a PhD Degree in Language and Literacy from the University of the Western Cape, South Africa. The title of my thesis is "Language of Instruction and Quality of Education in Rwanda : A Case Study of Secondary Third Form Learners in the Gisagara District. I am nowadays a lecturer of English (English for General Purposes, English for Specific Purposes and English for Academic Purposes)in the Centre for Language Enhancement at the University of Rwanda. "Email:gmugirase@gmail.com
Phone : 0788484984" "

1) Did the 2019 One and Half-Month Boot Camp Training Enhance Rwanda Development Board (RDB) Interns’ English Proficieny ?
Available at https://www.dpublication.com/journal/EJTE/article/view/523

2) Subject Teachers and Enhancement of Students’ English Proficiency in Selected Senior Six Classrooms in Rwanda
Available at http://insciencepress.org/education-applications-developments-vi/

3) A 2021 Online Workshop for the Review of Two Modules on Methodology for using English as a medium of Instrruction in Rwanda : Opportunities and Challenges
Available at https://www.dpublication.com/journal/EJTE/article/view/554

4) Reflecting on the Causes of Errors in Second Language Learning and their Classroom Implications
Available at https://dpublication.com/journal/EJTE/article/view/549


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