Dr. Jean de la Croix NKURAYIJA

13 Jun 2022

 Dr. Jean de la Croix NKURAYIJA

Modules Leader for 8 courses CASS Governance,Development and Society Development Studies "Development Studies,
Economic Development, Community Based Organisation,
Gender issues & Socio Economic Development,
Rural Development & Rural Sociology,
Contemporary World development" "PhD in Social Anthropology, DES in Economic & Development Planning, Masters in Economic Development.
Senior Lecturer in CASS and in CAVM & CBE as Visiting Lecturer" njeandelacroix@gmail.com, 0788483022 "a) “Impact of Ubudehe Credit Scheme Projects in Economic development and Poverty Eradication in Rwanda”, ISSN : 2319-7471, Vol.6, Issue 10, October 2017.
b) ” International Trade as a Tool of Economic Growth of Rwanda (2000- to 2016)”, ISSN : 2319-7471, Vol. 6, Issue 10, October 2017.
c) “Impact of International Trade on Economic Growth Through Small and Medium Enterprises of Rwanda (2000 to 2016), ISSN : 2319-7471, Vol. 6, Issue 11, Nov.2017.
d) “Impact of Small and Medium Enterprise in Improving Living Standard of Population and Economic Growth of Rwanda, (ISSN : 2455-6092), Vol. 05, July December 2017.
e) “The small and medium enterprises investment as a tool of stimulating international trade and economic growth of Rwanda (2010-2016), ISSN : 2278-0793, Vol. 07, Special Issue 02, Jan-June 2018.
f) Jérôme Karangwa, Charles Mulinda Kabwete, Maurice Mugabowagahunde, and Jean de la Croix Nkurayija, Possibilities of Restitution of Rwandan Ancestors’ Human Remains and Issues of Repatriation, Reparation and Memorialisation, Chapter 8 in Bernhard Heeb and Charles Mulinda Kabwete (eds.). Human Remains from the Former German Colony of East Africa. Recontextualization and Approaches for Restitution. Berlin, Böhlau, Forthcoming publication for Spring 2022, ISBN 978-3-412-52344-2."

Department of Governance & Public administration


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