Dr Pravda Mfurankunda

13 Jun 2022

Dr Pravda Mfurankunda

Deputy Dean College of Arts and Social Sciences Arts and Languages Modern Languages Language Education Dr Pravda MFURANKUNDA, has been in the university teaching career since 1998. After completing his BA in English language studies, he worked at the former NUR after which he did his postgraduate training in applied linguistics and language education in Cape Town where he got his Master of Education and Doctor of Philosophy in 2005 and 2016 respectively. He conducted several pieces of research in the area of teaching and learning English through the medium of emerging technologies. "pmfurankunda@gmail.com,
0788511297" "1. Appropriate journalistic language in relation to Genocide against Tutsis in Rwanda : Key Guidelines
http://mhc.gov.rw › GUIDELINES_BOOKLET
2. L’état de l’enseignement du Français dans les universités au Rwanda
ETUDE_OPFR_UNIVERSITE.pdf (pressefrancophonerwanda.com)"""
Dr, Rudacogora Augustin Senior Lecturer Industrial Attachement Coordinator College of Arts and Social Sciences School of Arts and Languages Modern Languages Literature, Linguistics, Genocide Writings Dr. Rudacogora Augustin has a PhD in Littérature Comparée (Comparative Literature in which he studied the Genocide Literary field and genres with the focus n the 1994 Genocide against the Tusti. He teaches French skills, Literature, Semiotics, Editing and Publishing dynamics ; as well as Translation especially in the audio-visual and computer aided domains. "Phone : ’+250783308328/ +250737976093 Email : rudacogora@gmail.com / rudacogora@yahoo.fr Twitter : @RudacogoraAu
" """Rurangirwa, Straton (2013) """"Les Droits et les Marches Linguistiques au Rwanda,"""" Journal of African Conflicts and Peace Studies : Vol. 2 : Iss. 1, 38-53.
DOI : http://dx.doi.org/10.5038/2325-484X.2.1.5 ""

Rudacogora Augustin, Nkejabahizi J. Chrysostome, Kayishema Jean Marie, Anthologie de la littérature rwandaise moderne, Butare, Editions de l’UNR, 2009

« La littérature rwandaise après 1994 : génocide et société » in Bongoéchéa M, Chaume D, Riffard C et Spiropoulou K (publishers), Discours et écritures dans les sociétés en mutation, Itinéraires et contacts de cultures, Vol. 39, Paris, L’Harmattan, 2007

« Mémoire des sites et sites de mémoire au Rwanda après 1994. » in Études Rwandaises, n° 9, Série Lettres et Sciences Humaines, Le Génocide de 1994 Idéologie et mémoire, Butare, Éditions de l’Université Nationale du Rwanda, September 2005.

« Construction d’une mémoire : Fest’Africa 2000 et le génocide de 1994 au Rwanda » in Études Rwandaises, n° 7, Série Lettres et Sciences Humaines ; Littérature et société, Butare, Éditions de l’Université Nationale du Rwanda, September 2004.


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