Dr Rurangirwa Straton

13 Jun 2022

Dr Rurangirwa Straton

CASS School of Arts and Languages Modern Languages Sociolinguistics, language policy and planning, lexicology, lexicography, terminology, and general linguistics Dr Straton Rurangirwa is a Senior Lecturer of linguistics at the School of Arts and Languages of the University of Rwanda. He teaches linguistic, language planning, terminology, lexicology, lexicography, and publishing related courses. He holds a Masters degree (2002) in Language Sciences and Traductology and a PhD in Linguistics (Language Policy) from the University of Sorbonne-Nouvelle-Paris3 (France) since 2010. He published a number of papers, especially on Rwanda language policy/situation. Dr Straton Rurangirwa occupied different academic leadership positions both at School and College level, including Secretary of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Deputy-Dean, Coordinator of Examinations, Coordination of Masters programme, College Director of Quality Assurance/Teaching and Learning Enhancement. Ema

il : rurastra@gmail.com, Phone : 0786816681 "1. RURANGIRWA, S., 2003. Evolution du phénomène de l’emprunt lexical en kinyarwanda (Evolution of Lexical Borrowing Phenomenon in Kinyarwanda). Etudes Rwandaises, 7, p.77-116.
2. RURANGIRWA, S., 2012. The Absence of Kinyarwanda in the Current Language Policy of Rwanda, The Journal of Pan African Studies, vol.5, no 8, December 2012. , pp. 169-177.
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5. RURANGIRWA, S., 2014. Réflexions sur l’actuel conflit français- anglais au Rwanda, Synergies Afrique des Grands Lacs, No 3."


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