Internal Audit

Internal Auditor Specialist

Internal Audit

Mr. Fulgence HABIYAREMYE has a Bachelor degree of Business Administration since 2013, From School of Finance and Banking (SFB) and He was specialized in accounting and He is Certified Public Accountant (CPA) since 2017, From KASNEB.
He has been an Accountant of an Indian Factory called SAFINTRA RWANDA Ltd for a period of 3 years (2013-2015). He has been also worked as Internal Auditor of GICUMBI District located in Northern Province for more than 4 years (2016-2020). He has conducted main training coursed including Public Financial Management (PFM) among others.
Starting from 17th February 2020, He is serving as Internal Auditor Specialist at University of Rwanda/ HUYE Campus. This administrative service (Internal audit) plays a significant role in public financial management of the campus specifically and University of Rwanda in general
Contact information
Names : HABIYAREMYE Fulgence
Telephone : +250788604327
Email:gence001@yahoo.fr or
 : f.habiyaremye@ur.ac.rw
Main tasks
• Preparation of annual risk audit plan for the entity and ensure its execution
• Conducting/ carrying out both Financial and Compliance audits within the entity
• Carrying out system audit and Forensic audit for the entity
• Preparation and submit internal audit report
• Provide Advisory services to the management of the entity
• Follow up and monitoring of both Internal and External audit recommendations
• To perform any other task this might be assigned by management related to audit duties and responsibilities.

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