Jean-Pierre Uwimana

24 Jun 2022

Jean-Pierre Uwimana

Department : Journalism and Communication

Rev. Jean-Pierre UWIMANA is lecturer at the University of Rwanda, School of Journalism and Communication since 2010. He is involved in different modules : Media Law and Ethics, Print Media Production Skills, Current Affairs and Media Critique, Sociology, Psychology and Philosophy of Communication, Gender in Media and Communication, Public Affairs Reporting, etc. Ph.D. candidate in Culture, Communication and Media Studies, Jean-Pierre worked with various universities and training centres in Cameroon, Rwanda and Burundi. He is Vice-Chair of Board of Commissioners of Rwanda Media Commission (Self-regulatory body). He has been also a Board member of Rwanda Broadcasting Agency (RBA). He headed Panos Institute Great Lakes (IPGL) in Rwanda where he developed and trained short courses on basic journalism and investigative reporting for Rwanda Community radios. He was Director of Great Lakes Media Centre (GLMC), Training Centre of University of Rwanda for practicing journalists, for 5 years. Holder of two Masters Degrees, one in Social Sciences and the other in Information and Communication Science, UWIMANA is also senior trainer in journalism and communication and researcher in social sciences. He conducted several scientific researches and consultancies in media and social sector. He worked for diverse media outlets such as newspapers like La Reference Plus in Kinshasa (DRC), Radio Notre Dame in Bangui (Central African Republic), Generation Newspaper, L’Action newspaper and Grand Reporter (chief Editor) based in Yaounde (Cameroon) and Ibanga Newspaper (chief Editor), based in Kigali, etc.

Published Papers

" (1) “Five Decades of the Discursive Register of the Kinyamateka Newspaper : division or reconciliation ?” (2019), in A New Kind of Development in Africa, CEDRED, Nairobi, pp. 183-199 ; (2) Appropriate journalistic language in relation to Genocide against Tutsis in Rwanda : Key Guidelines (Published in Collaboration with Media High Council), Kigali, 2011. (3) - La couverture de l’actualité régionale par les medias des pays des Grands Lacs : monitoring conjoint des medias au Burundi, en République Démocratique du Congo et au Rwanda, IPP, Décembre 2010. (4) La Parole et la Science : folie de Dieu, confusion des sages, BAP, Yaoundé, 2007."

jpuwimana3@gmail.com or j.p.uwimana@ur.ac.rw - 0788609151


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