Jules M. Rubyutsa

13 Jun 2022

 Jules M. Rubyutsa

CASS Governance, Development & Society Governance & Public administration Public policy design & analysis, Diaspora and development, governance, chidl rights, project evaluation, etc. "Jules M. Rubyutsa is lecturer at the University of Rwanda – College of Arts and Social Sciences (CASS) – School Governance, Development and Society – Department of Governance and Public Administration studies. As far as academic background is concerned, he has bachelor degree in Public Administration (completed at the former National University of Rwanda) and Masters Degree in Business Management (obtained at Kwazulu Natal University/South Africa).
With regards to research area, he has a relevant experience in conducting socio - economic studies in different sectors including : Diaspora and development, child rights and protection, public policy design and analysis, governance, impact evaluation, etc. Indeed, his works in the past 13 years have largely focused on analyzing Rwanda’s public policies/programs particularly in assessing their implementation processes and the extent to which they are contributing to improving the living conditions of beneficiaries/citizens. He also has extensive experience in research design and analysis involving both quantitative and qualitative approaches.
" joelrubyutsa@gmail.com ; Tel : (+250) 788620701 "1) Masengesho, K., and Rubyutsa, M., J., (2018). When African tradition feeds on modern accountability mechanisms in public policy implementation : the case of ""Imihigo"", Public Performance and Management Review, pp 1-25.
2) Rubyutsa, M., J., (2012). Role of Diaspora remittances in the development : The case of Rwandan Diaspora’ remittances, Rwanda Journal, Vol.26, Series B : Social Sciences


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