09 Jun 2020

Brief Profile
Dr. Tharcisse MUSABYIMANA is a Communication, Media and Social Development Expert. He is a Lecturer and Researcher at the University of Rwanda, College of Arts and Social Sciences, School of Journalism and Communication (From 2006 To date). He also served as a Social Development and Safeguards Short Term Consultant with the World Bank (2014-2022) and a Social Development and Environmental Consultant with African Development Bank (2019). He holds a PhD in Communication Studies, MSc in Social and Educational Research Methods, PGD in Environmental Journalism and Communication, Licence degree – Bachelor’s degree with honours in Education (English and French), and several Postgraduate and Professional Certificates (Media Skills for Researchers (SciDev.Net) ; Digital Access to Research – Research for Life (United Nations Technology Bank for Least Developed Countries) ; Social Media Skills (University of Rwanda & FOJO Institute ) ; Web Design and Online Communication (University of Rwanda & FOJO Institute) ; Social Media Engagement (World Bank) ; Access to Information (World Bank) ; Social Development and Safeguards (World Bank – Kenya ; World Bank, Senegal) ; Multimedia Journalism : Changing Perspectives on Gender (RNTC & ARFEM) ; Science Communication (Italy), Geographic Information System (GIS) – (NUR Rwanda), Environment and Conservation (USA), University Teaching (Carleton University), Reporting on Agricultural Biotechnology and Biofuels (Kenya) ; Website Content Management (RDB Rwanda) ; Trainer of Trainers in Journalism and Communication (RNTC, The Netherlands), Using Web 2.0 Technology in Teaching (USA), etc.

Published Papers
"(1) Musabyimana, T. (2020). Coexistence Between Citizen Journalism and Professional Journalism in Rwanda : A Study of Rwanda Broadcasting Agency (RBA), Radio and TV 10, Radio Huguka, Radio Salus, The New Times and Igihe.com. African Journal of Communication 3(1)
(2) Musabyimana, T. (2019). Farmers’ and Researchers’ Perceptions on Mediated Communication of Agricultural Research Results by Rwanda Agriculture Board. The Journal of Development Communication, 30(1). Retrieved from http://jdc.journals.unisel.edu.my/ojs/index.php/jdc/article/view/138
(3) Musabyimana, T. (2019). Community Engagement on Scientific Research : The Process of Communicating Agricultural Research Results to Farmers by the Rwanda Agriculture Board. PhD Thesis. Eldoret : Moi University. Also available at https://www.shorturl.at/uBEHZ
(4) Musabyimana, T. (2018). Challenges that Farmers Face in Accessing and Utilising Agricultural Research Information from Rwanda Agriculture Board : A Farmers’ Perspective. International Journal of Innovative Research and Advanced Studies (IJIRAS), 5(2), 35-42. Available at http://www.ijiras.com/2018/Vol_5-Issue_2/paper_6.pdf
(5) Human, H., and Musabyimana, T. (2008). Rwanda the Land of a Thousand Hills : A Pictorial Journey. Kigali-Rwanda : Tourguide Publications, An Imprint of Fountain Publishers Ltd. ISBN : 978 - 9970 – 637 – 16 - 9 A book of 228 pages about Rwanda, co-written in English and French, which was published by Tourguide Publications, An Imprint of Fountain Publishers Ltd. (a publishing house in Kampala, Uganda) in 2008 "

Research Area

"Development communication, community engagement, advocacy, behavior change, Social Development, Social Science and educational research, environment communication, Information and communication technologies (ICTs) ;
digital and social media use in education and in developmental contexts, development journalism "

Contacts : Email, Phone, Twitter (if any)
"Telephone : +250788640812
Email : mustother@yahoo.fr ; tharcissemusabyimana@gmail.com
Twitter : @tmusabyimana"


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