09 Jun 2020

Brief Profile
"Dr Faustin Mutwarasibo is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Modern Languages, University of Rwanda. He has been teaching writing and speaking skills in English at the same university since 1998.
He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in 1997 in English Language and Literature from Université Nationale du Rwanda, Nyakinama and Butare Campuses.
He obtained his Master’s degree in 2003 in English Language Education from Wits University, Johannesburg, South Africa.
He obtained his PhD in 2013 from the University of Linköping, Sweden.
The topic of his PhD thesis is : Understanding group-based learning in an academic context : Rwandan students’ reflections on collaborative writing and peer assessment.
His research interests focus on academic/genre writing and peer assessment, group-based learning, teaching and learning in a multilingual context and graduate attributes (i.e graduates’ transition between higher education and the world of work).
Apart from teaching, Dr Faustin Mutwarasibo has served in various academic leadership positions such as Academic Secretary of the Faculty, Deputy Dean of the Faculty/School and Dean of the School. He also represents CASS Deans in the Senate of UR and has at various occasions been hired by the Higher Education Council of Rwanda to act as institutional auditor and programme reviewer for different local universities."

Published Papers
"Mutwarasibo, F. (2016). University students’ attitudes towards peer assessment and
reactions to peer feedback on group writing. Rwanda Journal, Series A : Arts and Humanities, 1(1), 32-48.

Mutwarasibo, F., Ruterana, P.C., & Andersson, I. (2014). Boundary crossing between
higher education and the world of work : A case study in post-1994 Rwanda. Higher Education Research and Development, 33(5), 962-977.

Mutwarasibo, F. (2014). Promoting university students’ engagement in learning through
instructor-initiated EFL writing groups. TESOL Journal, 5(4), 721-742.

Mutwarasibo, F. (2013). University students’ conceptions and practice of collaborative
work on writing. International Journal of Higher Education, 2(2), 13-21.

Mutwarasibo, F. (2013). University students’ experiences of lecturer-initiated writing
groups. In C. Hofer, B. Schröttner, & D. Unger-Ullmann (Eds.), Akademische Lehrkompetenzen im Diskurs : Theorie und Praxis [A discourse on academic teaching competencies : Theory and practice] (pp. 289-301). New York and Berlin : Waxmann.

Mutwarasibo, F. (2006). Dual-medium language of instruction policy and practices in
Rwandan higher education : A case study of the National University of Rwanda. Etudes Rwandaises [currently Rwanda Journal], 11, 270-289.

Research Area
"1) English language education
2) Academic/genre writing and assessment
3) Group-based learning
4) Teaching and learning in a multilingual context
5) Graduate attributes (i.e. graduates’ transition between higher education and the world of work)"

Contacts : Email, Phone, Twitter (if any)
078 854 1843"


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