09 Jan 2020

The DPME is mandated to ;
1. Ensure that the College meets the provisions of University Strategic Plan in an up to date and relevant manner by :
• Implementing and delivering the strategic and operational plans agreed by competent organs.
• Lead the strategic planning processes within the framework set and assisting and advising in determination of the educational character, vision and purpose of the college.
• To help the management ensure that the Strategic Plan raises standards by setting clear and realistic strategies, plans and targets.
2. Develop high motivation and aspirations for all students so they attain the highest possible levels of achievement :
• To focus the College’s efforts on raising the quality of education to generate progressive improvements in results.
• To ensure the curriculum is innovative, inspiring and entrepreneurial, building and prepares students to succeed and progress.
• To empower students to be pro-active participants in their learning and to use student feedback to support quality improvement.
• To ensure that the quality of teaching, learning and assessment are rigorous and provide a robust basis for improvement.
• To ensure the college is well placed to meet the requirements of Higher Education Council and UNESCO.
3. Motivate, satisfy and inspire staff of the college at all levels to deliver their highest levels of performance and to provide an environment in which they will develop :
• To inspire staff to perform to the highest levels of their ability and that teaching staff demonstrate high ambitions for their students.
• To support and empower staff so that decisions are appropriately delegated down to the lowest practicable and prudent level possible.
• To ensure that targets are set and achieved throughout the organization, where quality and performance are monitored rigorously.
• To ensure quality of service and discipline of all staff of the college.
4. To build effective Partnerships and External Relationships :
• To be an outstanding ambassador for the College and both at local and internal level to represent and safeguard its interests, reputation and influence.
• To develop close working relationships with appropriate employers, to understand and meet their needs and to understand their experience of services provided by the college.
5. To oversee the effective management of the financial resources of the college :
• To lead the College Short, Medium and Long Term planning and budgeting process.


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