Manirakiza Evariste

13 Jun 2022

Manirakiza Evariste

Manirakiza Evariste ia an Assistant Lecturer at the University of Rwanda, Huye campus. He teaches English for General Purposes, English for Specific Puporses and English for Academic Purposes, modules that are taught by the Centre for Language Enhancement of the College of Arts and Social Sciences. His research interest is in environment management and English language teaching. "Email : manirakizaeva91@gmail.com
Phone : (+250)783280766/781794923


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2) Manirakiza, E., & Hakizimana, I. (2020). Engaging Students in Error Analysis and Correction : A learner-Centered Approach to Improving Linguistic Accuracy. European Journal of Teaching and Education, 2(3), 35-49.
3) Manirakiza, E., & Hakizimana, I. (2020). Using vocabulary as an instructional scaffolding technique to boost English language skills. European Journal of Teaching and Education, 2(2), 82-93.
4) Manirakiza, E. Niyonzima, T. (2014) Promotion of Local People’s Environmental Awareness and Its Contribution to the Management of Protected Areas : Case Study of Nyungwe National Park in Rwanda. Vol. 5, No. 1, (2014) 135 – 155



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