Margaret Jjuuko

13 Jun 2022

Margaret Jjuuko

Margaret Jjuuko Associate Professor CASS SJC Journalism and Communication "Environment and climate change ; Communication for development (C4D) ; Information and communication technologies (ICTs) ;edia edication ;

Social justice in relation to gender ; children’s rights, and other minority groups ; gender in media and communication ; political communication ; Media ethics ; media textual production and reception analyses (in developmental contexts) ;
digital and social media use in education and in developmental contexts " Margaret Jjuuko, PhD., is Associate Professor of Journalism Media and Communication Studies and Coordinator of the MA programme in Journalism, Media and Communication studies under the School of Journalism and communication (SJC), College of Arts and the Social Sciences (CASS) – University of Rwanda (UR). She is also the Principal Investigator (Coordinator) for “Preparing Media Practitioners for a Risilient Media in Eastern Africa” project, funded under NORHED II. She holds a PhD and Masters of Arts degrees in Journalism and Media Studies from Rhodes University, South Africa ; a Bachelor of Mass Communication degree (Honors), Makerere University, Uganda ; a Post-graduate Diploma in Television Production for Education and Development, BBC Open University, UK ; a Certificate in University Teaching from Carleton University, Canada ; and several other professional training including a Training of Trainers Certificate (Radio and TV Production), Radio Netherlands Training Centre, Holland, and certificate in postgraduate supervision (PhD and Masters) from Stellenbosch University, SA, among several other professional training. She has more than 35 years of work experience as a journalist, media educator and media and communication consultant both locally and internationally. She has trained media and communication practitioners at both university and industrial levels and consulted on a number of media and Communication developmental projects in Eastern and Southern Africa and briefly, Canada. Twitter hander @ Mjjuuko Email : margarert.jjuuko@gmail.com "1. Munyarukumbuzi, E., Jjuuko, M. and Maingi, G, J. (2022).‘Kindness is a distant and elusive reality : Charting the impacts of discrimination on the mental and sexual wellbeing of LGBT refugee youth in Kenya’, In Camminga, B. and Marnell, John. Queer and Trans African mobilities. Zed Books/Publications. Pp : 187 – 204.
2. Jjuuko, M. (2021). Environmental and social injustices in East Africa : a critique of the modernization approach to environmental communication. Rwanda Journal of Social Sciences, Humanities and Business : Volume (2) Issue (2), March 2021, ISSN 2708- 759X (Print) ; ISSN 2708-7603 (Online). DOI : https://dx.doi.org/10.4313/rjsshb.v2i2.6.
3. Njuguna, J., Mberia, Hellen, K. and Jjuuko, M. (2021). Do digital skills development factors predict the online journalism readiness of mass communication students ? Journalism Education Journal of the Association for Journalism Education .Volume 10. Issue 1. Pp 46-58. UK and Northern Ireland. 
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