The Centre for Language Enhancement (CLE) operates from different campuses of the University of Rwanda (UR). The CLE is mainly mandated to enhance UR students’ second and foreign language skills so as to help them widen their perception and interaction with the world. In this perspective, the centre offers a wide range of courses that aim at sharpening UR students’ English as the language of instruction, without neglecting other languages like French and Swahili. By developing students’ proficiency in their language of instruction and other foreign languages, the centre consequently plays a paramount role in attaining the University mission of discovering and advancing knowledge committed to the highest standards of academic excellence. In short, students’ proficiency in different languages will ultimately be their important asset on the job market and their future working environment at large.
Beyond teaching university students, the CLE offers language courses to UR staff and any other clients outside the university. Note that our language teaching programs are not limited to French and English languages, but we also cater for African languages such as Kiswahili, and Kinyarwanda. In addition, as we aim higher to be an international language teaching/ learning hub in which languages of the world-leading economies are catered for, like Chinese, German, Spain, Arabic and other languages are also welcomed in our programs so as to help our clients enlarge their horizons much more.
On top of that, we receive a variety of language learners no matter their age and regardless of their level of proficiency in the target language. We have an exciting language-learning environment that enables learners to interact with experienced language teachers as well as native speakers of the language they are learning. Learning is made more enjoyable owing to quality teaching facilities, such as fully- equipped language labs among others. Our teaching approach is much more communicative. Our clients are therefore adequately assisted not only to improve their vocabulary and grammar in their language of interest, but also to develop their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Teaching quality is assured following the Higher Education Council guidelines that govern the overall design of our courses and modules. The entire teaching process is also monitored by the University Teaching and Leaning Enhancement office.


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