UR Centre for Legal Aid and Mediation on legal services to vulnerable people

Key mission of University of Rwanda as any other smart academic institution of this era are : Teaching, research and community engagement. Particularly, UR has a special mission of supporting the development of Rwanda by discovering and advancing knowledge, committed to the highest standards of academic excellence, where students are prepared for lives of service, leadership and solutions. In order to fulfil community engagement, one of its main missions, the University of Rwanda created many centers operating in different teaching fields. One to be mentioned today is the Centre for...

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Rwasave fish farming station :Research field for UR students and Nutrition opportunity in Huye city

The Rwasave fish farming station is approximately 3 km from the University of Rwanda, Huye campus between Huye and Gisagara Districts. It has a total area of 18 ha, of which over 7 ares in ponds. This is one of the oldest and main fish research stations in Rwanda with 103 ponds, it has been in existence for over three decades. According Karuhanga Colin, UR Huye campus Specialist in charge of Business Development, Consultancy and Investment "The station is not only the source of income revenue to University of Rwanda, where it generate about 1.5 million Rwandan Francs per month it...

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Government started asbestos sheets removal at UR Huye

Asbestos Removal and replacement works are going on at University of Rwanda-Huye Campus. Activities started with former School of Science Buildings. University of Rwanda- Huye campus is among public institutions with high number of asbestos square meters. According to Juvenal NSENGIYUMVA UR Huye campus Director of Assets and Services Management, whose oversight responsibility is over Assets and Services Management, in Huye campus, buildings with asbestos sheets have about 38 000 square meters. As Huye campus has large number of asbestos, the removal and replacement cost is estimated...

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Rwanda to get its first national Biodiversity Information System

The Center of Excellence in Biodiversity and Natural Resources Management (CoEB) was officially located at the College of Science and Technology, University of Rwanda in 2017, after much stakeholder discussions and assessments supported by UNESCO and the Rwanda Commission for the UNESCO (CNRU). The idea for the creation of the center (CoEB) originated from the first International Research Conference on Biodiversity, which took place in Kigali in July 2007. During his speech at this conference, H.E. the President of the Republic of Rwanda introduced the idea of the Center of Excellence in...

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COVID19 : UR students locked in campuses facilitated to join their homes

UR students who remained locked up from their hostels and stranded around Huye campus due to Covid_19 outbreak were on this Monday 11 May 2020 being facilitated to get back to their respective homes. 380 students of Huye were facilitated to join their respective Districts transport free of charge. UR in general, 1661 students will be facilitated. University of Rwanda will pay the cost and National police escort the convoy. This exercise was done in all University of Rwanda campuses. Many students were still in and around campuses thinking university will open soon. According to...

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COVID19 : UR Huye staff support to most affected in Huye District

Following the COVID 19 (known as CORONA VIRUS) pandemic, many countries (including Rwanda) took lockdown measure as immediate response. The lockdown affected many sectors both public and private including transport, bar, restaurants and hotels, education and many companies have suspended their employees’ contracts. Today most of them are in shortage of food. To support the government in finding food for these affected people, through Huye District, University of Rwanda-Huye campus staff collected money to buy food. The aid consisted of 675 kilos of corn flour, 675 of rice, 540 kilos of...

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