Ntawigira Patrice

13 Jun 2022

Ntawigira Patrice

CASS SAL Modern Languages Kiswahili and Sociolinguistics Dr. PATRICE NTAWIGIRA is an enthusiastic and devoted Language Teacher with excellent communication skills demonstrated by more than 20 years of teaching experience at University of Rwanda. He is a PhD holder in Linguistics, Kiswahili Option, from Dar Es Salaam University, Tanzania. He has a high degree of fluency in Kiswahili, French, Kinyarwanda and English. He has specialized in Kiswahili language by conducting researches on ‘Language use in the Educational system of Rwanda : The case study of Kiswahili’ (PhD thesis) and ‘Language attitudes in education system of Rwanda : the case study of Kiswahili in secondary schools’(MA Dissertation). He is participating in different partnership projects and academic exchanges in East African region. Nowadays, he is conducting a fellowship with the Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU)on ‘How Kinyarwanda and Chinese languages can be effective in China –Rwanda relations’. ntapa2000@yahoo.fr "1. 2009, The Role of Kiswahili in the Process of National Development in Rwanda . In Kiswahili Journal-ISBN 0856-0048 X of Dar es Salaam University.
2. 2010, Lexique Trilingue Scolaire de Base : Français- English- Kinyarwanda , University of Rwanda (a book).
3. 2015, Rural Basic Education for All : the Impact of the Language of Instruction on the Quality (Article:iafor.org/issn-2188-112X or iafor.org/archives/proceedings/ECLL/ECLL2014 Pp 91- 102).
4. 2019, How Kinyarwanda and Chinese languages can be effective in Rwando-China cooperation ? (In progress)Beijing – China).
5. 2021, Code-switching in the 12 YBE in rural areas : English swarmed by Kinyarwanda in classroom (in progress).



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