Olivier Shyaka

13 Jun 2022

Olivier Shyaka

College of Arts and Social Sciences School of Journalism and Communication Creative Design Human Centered Design Olivier Shyaka is an Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Creative Design. Shyaka has a master’s degree in Design Management from Savannah College of Art and Design where he pursued his education as Fulbright grantee. Before attending SCAD, Shyaka earned his bachelor’s degree in Creative Design with a specialization in Environmental Design from the University of Rwanda (UR). Shyaka worked on several projects as a manager and consultant at the national and international levels. Among his notable projects, Shyaka proposed the layout and design of textbooks for the Rwanda Education Board. He has also worked with FuseProject on a research project funded by the Nike Foundation as a design fellow. His career goals include working with the Rwandan government on establishing policies to promote design-oriented businesses and promote design thinking in the business world. "Email : solve89@gmail.com
Phone : +250 7886779775
Twiter : @Osolver"


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