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Acting Procurement Specialist

Procurement Services

  1. Biography

Seth, currently working as Acting Procurement Specialist at UR Huye Campus, started his career at the Former NUR, in the Main Library as the ‘’ Rensponsable de Centre de Documentation ( 1995-2006). Later he was appointed as a person In-Charge of Marketing in the Production Unit (2006-2008). He was further appointed as Contracts Manager under the Procurement Department (2008 -2015). In 2015, he was temporary appointed as the Procurement Officer at UR Huye Campus. During the UR restructuring process (October 2017), he was appointed to work as the Procurement Officer at UR Gikondo Campus for both CASS & CBE (October 2017 - February 2019). 

Mr. Seth Ruvumbura obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration at UR from 2000 to 2005. He further did Masters Degree in Arts and Development Studies 2012-2015.

Some of Professional Trainings Attended :

  1. Training on E-Procurement System on E-Bidding & E-Contracts of 2018
  2. Training on Procurement Management Information System integrated University of Rwanda /Kigali March 2016
  3. International Training on Negotiation, Drafting and Management of Contracts at Kampala/ Uganda at the International Law Institute (September 2010)
  4. Various others trainings on New Regulations related to public procurements and contracts management at RIAM 2008, Former SFB (2012), (Nyanza 2013), at NUR ( 2008) etc.
  5. Project and Program Management (PPM) by MDF Training & Consultancy for two weeks (November 2006).
  6. And many more.
  7. Contact Information 


Acting Procurement Specialist

UR Huye Campus 

Tel : (+250) 788871751

Email adresses : sruvumbura@ur.ac.rw




  1. Job description or tasks


  1. To prepare procurement planning ;
  2. To prepare tender document ;
  3. To publish and distribute tender notice ;
  4. To receive and safe keep bids ;
  5. To request competent authorities to approve recommendations for the award of tender ;
  6. To prepare notification of tender award to a successful bidder ;
  7. To monitor contract execution in collaboration with concerned department ;
  8. To provide information and documents to Rwanda Public Procurement Authority whenever considered necessary ;
  9. To carry out any other duty provided for by regulations on public procurement.





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