23 Jan 2020

• Maintain a strategic overview of Research to inform the annual development and evolution of the College’s Strategic and Operational Plan, with particular responsibility for Research.
• Work effectively with the Faculty’s Dean for Research on research strategy and related operational issues.
• Secure investment by the University and external sources in existing and new research areas in the College.
• Support and promote existing and new research and innovation initiatives through developing effective and responsive school-wide structures for collegial consultation and the mobilization of our research capacity.
• Promote the College’s engagement in new research and innovation opportunities ; particularly in identifying and responding to major funding calls and in developing interdisciplinary collaborations within and beyond the College.
• Encourage and promote good practice within research and innovation activities (e.g. career development of research staff, ethical issues in research…).
• Represent the College on other research matters as requested by the University of Rwanda Director of Research and Innovation.
• Etc.
Work closely with UR Director of Research and Innovation in order to :
• Identify and effectively communicate new research and innovationopportunities and ensure that proactive, relevant systems and services are in place to support the research-intensive environment of the College.
• Secure effective liaison with relevant functions across the College and elsewhere in the University (e.g. on postgraduate fellowships and studentships linked to research and innovationawards, post-award finance, press office for dissemination of research and innovation, conference organization).
• Act as a liaison point between University, Faculty, School and Discipline Areas on issues related to research and innovation.
• Take an active role in shaping College and University policy on research and innovation.
• Provide day-to-day support of College research and innovation through communicating and liaising with all staff.

Core activities
• Plan and Coordinate the research activities.
• Coordinate the innovation activities.
• Coordinate post graduate activities.
• Coordinate staff publications.
• Build professional capacity in research in all areas of the country promote and coordinate technology Transfer.
• Develop a vibrant research culture in the College.
• Facilitate applications for external competitive grants from the university partnerships’.


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