UR Centre for to mental health on mental services vulnerable people

    By    HAGABIMANA Eugene   on 06 Apr 2021

UR Centre for to mental health on mental services

vulnerable people


Key mission of University of Rwanda as any other smart academic institution of this era are : Teaching, research and community engagement. Particularly, UR has a special mission of supporting the development of Rwanda by discovering and advancing knowledge, committed to the highest standards of academic excellence, where students are prepared for lives of service, leadership and solutions.

In order to fulfill community engagement, one of its main missions, the University of Rwanda created many centers operating in different teaching fields One to be mentioned today is the Centre for Mental Health operating under College of Medicine and Health Sciences - Huye Campus.

The Centre is a cross- cutting research driven unit that brings together Clinical Psychologists, Mental Health Nurses, Psychiatrists and Public Health Specialists to further the discipline of mental health from a multidisciplinary perspective.Psychiatrists say that mental illness is a sign of a change in behavior, attitudes, and attitudes that can also affect a person’s activities in normal life or social relationships. Professor Sezibera Vincent, a lecturer at UR in the Department of Psychiatry and director of the Center for Mental Health, says that in addition to being a university that offers lessons in schools, it also looks at how it helps Rwandans in general.

“The center is set up to conduct research to help people understand the state of mind of Rwandans in terms of mental health, activities and what can be done to help care staff or university students.”

Prof. Sezibera also said that apart from the fact that the center now only provides assistance to University students, it is now also going to start helping people outside of it.

"So far, we have been providing services to the students and staff of the University of Rwanda for free only. We are now working on how we will do the expanded clinical service so that our activities can be limited to the staff and students of the university and to all Rwandans in general."

The Center for Mental Health is intended to promoting mental health wellbeing though research, training, clinical service and policy development. It was launched in 2015 and located at Remera campus in the College of Health and Medicine and has its department UR Huye campus. It is currently providing services to staff and students of the University of Rwanda. All of this is done by its experienced psychologists. 
Story by TWAGIRIMANA Jean Claude Edited HAGABIMANA Eugène




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