UR/Huye campus bids farewell to Muhiire Cassian

    By    HAGABIMANA Eugene   on 17 Feb 2020

M. Muhiire Cassian former UR Huye Campus administrator handed over office duties to Wilson Nzitatira in brief ceremony led by Resident Principal Dr Alphonse Muleefu.
Muhiire Cassian has been serving the UR Huye campus for two years and half. During this ceremony, staff expressed a fulfilling feeling to work with Cassian qualified as good manager, leader, parents,...
Talking to his two and half years in Huye Campus , M. Cassian said he found a half empty and disorganized campus, no committed staff, any community engagement,... Today he left a well organized campus, participating in local activities, committed and motivated staff ,.... Brief the campus is on the right track. Cassian has been transferred To UR Remera campus as campus administrator.
To M. Nzitatira wilson, who is not a novice in education sector as he has been in IPRC Tumba for a while, Collaboration and hard work are his motto. As alumni of this campus (he completed his bachelor’s degree in former National University of Rwanda) he is committed to upgrade the name and honor of UR Huye Campus.


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