UR Students visit KOREA to upgrade their Architectural Design skills

    By    HAGABIMANA Eugene   on 18 Jun 2019

Patrick Kubwimana and Josue Mutuyimana are 3rd year Students in CST School of Architecture and Built who won the 1st Prize of the Student Competition to design a Canopy Entrance of the UR. They recently went to Korea for their industrial attachment with SAMOO, a firm currently designing new UR Headquarters, School of Mining and Geology and 3 ODL Centers for UR.

Patrick Kubwimana

Patrick excerpt :

How did you end up going to Korea ?

In 2016, department of architecture in collaboration with S.A.M.O.O a&e announced a student competition to design an entrance canopy of the university of Rwanda headquarters, myself and my classmates Josue and Kibet took part in the design. We won the first prize in the competition. As the first award in architecture, in addition to it being from the world’s best architectural firm, it became a great motivation. This motivation pushed me to know much about S.A.M.O.O. and I wished to work for them one day.
in the middle of the second semester Ms. Malonza announced to us that there was a chance to two architecture students for doing industrial attachment in South Korea, in S.A.M.O.O, I felt like my dreams are about to become true but again I was not aware of the requirements. I worked hard in the class and finally I got good news that am among the two students to do industrial attachment in S.A.MO.O a&e, in Korea.

What was your experience working with SAMOO for 3 weeks ?

Everything was new and exciting. In short it was a great experience and I have learnt much in this trip. The trip was actually 3 weeks long and it was sectioned into 3. First week for office experience, second week for cultural experience and city tour and the last third week for S.A.M.O.O Design Workshop.

In the office, my first impression was the team work of SAMOO professionals, and the level of perfection of every work whether small or big scale. I learnt what really architectural design is as I was involved in projects to be implemented. From site analysis, concept development to the details everything is at a high level and wisely analyzed, it is not only doing architecture, but also living architecture for S.A.M.O.O.

Travelling in Seoul, and other cities of Korea, I learnt the influence of culture on the development of the city. As a student preparing to go in year four architecture, I wanted to learn the impact of technology on urban development in architecture but surprisingly in Seoul, architecture is a link between culture and technology. I have seen not only developed cities that maintained its culture but also architecture meant to understand the lifestyle of the users and translate them into a livable and usable space. I also came up to understand how technology goes hand in hand with the human needs. From a past of war and their journey to reconstruction, now with high development and still working to get to the high possible for the bright future of Korea, for me I think Korea is a good reference for Rwanda in the journey of development, for they kept their culture as key of everything.
in S.A.M.O.O Design Working, it was a great experience to work together with 50 best Korean students and young architects for a week. Their spirit of not only working hard but also working smart is commendable and I have learnt much from them.

How do you see your visit to Korea beneficial to yourself and UR ?

It has improved me in different ways, the trip has improved me, it has created in me a spirit of working smart in everything, again in terms of architecture, I understood how wide architecture is. I have seen that architecture is not only about walls and roofs but a link between all domain that human kind needs, I understood the relationship between architecture and the human life. Before travelling to Korea, I was wondering why he said "No art without emotion, no emotion without passion" but by the end of the trip I understood Michel Angelo’s quote : "as the man, so the drama, so the architecture"

1st & 2nd left Patrick and Josue having dinner with the host Family


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