UR Trained Jobseekers on professional English

    By    HAGABIMANA Eugene   on 02 Dec 2019

Friday 29 November,2019 a group of 257 interns supported by RDB ended 6 weeks trainings held in University of Rwanda Huye campus through Center for Languages Enhancement. The training focused on English skills and soft skills for job readiness.

When RDB Planned this training on use English skill as a tool , they wanted to help graduated young people to create their self employment in a way of developing entrepreneurship or shaping their English while applying. English skills will help young People to apply well for job and perform well once job found. Spoken English is further challenge for many youth, as are other requirements expected in world of work , young people face many barriers including a lack of information and skills as well as the high costs of searching for job.
The ceremony has been attended by officials from RDB and University of Rwanda, among them Elodie Rusera Chief Skills Officer at RDB and Director of University of Rwanda -Huye campus Muhiire Cassian.
During this ceremony, internees and some employers invited showed the importance of English in job market. Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator was among invited institution. Harambee messages to trainees and Job seekers too, no loose hope and be confident in application by using a well shaped English and a well written CV. Director of Center for Languages Enhancement Dr KAGWESAGE Anne Marie said that even if trainees have degrees from different sectors , English is another tool in current working environment

By KAYIRANGA Eugene (internee in PR Huye campus office)
Edited by HAGABIMANA Eugene ( PR & CE Huye campus)


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