Welcome note

25 Jun 2019

The School of Governance offers programmes that offer the bulk of social sciences such as Political Science, International Relations, Sociology, Social Work, History and Heritage Studies, Public Administration, Leadership and Governance, Development Studies, Social and Military Sciences and Professional Police Studies. This school is founded on the recognition that what happens in the world matters to Rwanda and should shape our classroom experience. Equally, what happens in Rwanda matters to the world, and should be studied, analysed and publicized for the benefit of all. At the School of Governance, we support serious scholarship and the practical application of knowledge that addresses Rwanda’s post-genocide context, its development successes and challenges, its history and its future. By integrating theory and practice, locally relevant knowledge can generate broader understandings of the social and cultural changes that are impacting Africa. At the School of Governance, we offer a first-class education aimed at understanding and analysing Rwanda’s cultural, social, development and governance contexts with the goals of measuring, explaining and effecting progressive change at national, regional and international levels.

Dean of School


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