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Center for Teaching and Learning Enhancement in the College of Arts and Social Sciences ensures that academic processes are of an internationally respected standard. The quality assurance processes use evidence to check that goals are being achieved and that policies and practices are under ongoing review as part of an overall quality enhancement regime.
As a university, we value the highest academic and professional standards, and aim to be internationally recognized for the quality of the University’s teaching, learning facilities and educational experience offered to students. Our Education Strategy places students at the centre, engaging them in collaborative learning in a supportive and well-resourced academic environment. We aim to enhance the quality of student learning through investment in the learning environment and in our staff.

The teaching quality management structure, including a quality framework and teaching quality management structure, supports these aims, and is designed to ensure that the continuous improvement of the student experience is at the core of quality assurance and enhancement activity, and that all members of staff take personal responsibility for the quality of their contribution to the student experience.

Ag Director of Center for Teaching and Learning Enhancement
College of Arts and Social Sciences.


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