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The management of the College of Arts and Social Sciences (CASS) is committed to providing quality education and services that meet the needs of its clients and stakeholders through quality and relevant teaching and research.
This commitment is reflected in the University’s vision, mission, core values and objectives.
In order to achieve its mandate in research, the College of Arts and Social Sciences aims to promote a vibrant and productive research environment that positively contributes to National development goals by putting in place appropriate funding and management of research activities.

Objectives of the Research and Innovation Directorate

The Objective of the Research and Innovation Directorate is to provide strategic research leadership within the College of Arts and Social Sciences. The Research Director is charged with leading the College’s Research and represents the College at relevant meetings, in particular at the Social Sciences, Humanities Research Strategy Committee.

Research and Innovation Directorate works with the Faculty, Centers and Departments in developing and implementing College policy pertaining to research strategy.

The College Research and Innovation Directorate works closely with the University of Rwanda Director of Research and Innovation to develop and implement research policy in order to support and enhance the College’s research Performance.

• Maintain a strategic overview of Research to inform the annual development and evolution of the College’s Strategic and Operational Plan, with particular responsibility for Research.
• Work effectively with the Faculty’s Dean for Research on research strategy and related operational issues.
• Secure investment by the University and external sources in existing and new research areas in the College.
• Support and promote existing and new research and innovation initiatives through developing effective and responsive school-wide structures for collegial consultation and the mobilization of our research capacity.
• Promote the College’s engagement in new research and innovation opportunities ; particularly in identifying and responding to major funding calls and in developing interdisciplinary collaborations within and beyond the College.
• Encourage and promote good practice within research and innovation activities (e.g. career development of research staff, ethical issues in research…).
• Represent the College on other research matters as requested by the University of Rwanda Director of Research and Innovation.
• Etc.
Work closely with UR Director of Research and Innovation in order to :
• Identify and effectively communicate new research and innovationopportunities and ensure that proactive, relevant systems and services are in place to support the research-intensive environment of the College.
• Secure effective liaison with relevant functions across the College and elsewhere in the University (e.g. on postgraduate fellowships and studentships linked to research and innovationawards, post-award finance, press office for dissemination of research and innovation, conference organization).
• Act as a liaison point between University, Faculty, School and Discipline Areas on issues related to research and innovation.
• Take an active role in shaping College and University policy on research and innovation.
• Provide day-to-day support of College research and innovation through communicating and liaising with all staff.

Core activities
• Plan and Coordinate the research activities.
• Coordinate the innovation activities.
• Coordinate post graduate activities.
• Coordinate staff publications.
• Build professional capacity in research in all areas of the country promote and coordinate technology Transfer.
• Develop a vibrant research culture in the College.
• Facilitate applications for external competitive grants from the university partnerships’.


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