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Call for papers for ICGLR conference 2016

Call for Papers:

8th Annual International Conference 2016 on Peace and Security in the Great Lakes Region, 13-14 June 2016, Kigali, Rwanda

Governance and genocide prevention. Post-Conflict (Genocide) Reconstruction Process and Peace Building in the Great Lakes Region

The countries of the Great Lakes region are part of the United Nations member states that have a legal obligation to “undertake to prevent” genocide, and or to prosecute it. the necessity of responsible action on the part of these countries world had, at the political level, been defined and assured by signatories to the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (1948). Furthermore, they are bound by a “responsibility to protect populations from genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity”—a concept known as “R2P.” Pronouncements to engaging ‘early, proactively, and decisively’” in situations at risk of genocidal violence multiplied but how do they translate in actions remains unclear. Government and inter-governmental organizations in the Great Lakes alike have adopted multiple paths to deal as well as prevent genocidal violence yet important challenges persist. While current debates on peace and security in the Great Lakes largely focus on conflict, governance and democratization, it has ignored interrogating the nexus between genocide prevention and governance. In other words, the dominant debate on peace and security in the Great Lakes region does not extensively probe the intersection between governance, democratization, peace and security, which formed part of the grievances that led to war. This conference seeks to attend to these issues.

This year’ CCM Conference offers a platform to explore the regional dimensions of genocide prevention, democratization and governance: how do or should countries engage with genocide prevention and governance within and beyond their borders? What does this new outlook bring to our understanding of peace and security? Which factors shape regional institutions and how they are used? And how does regional governance shape genocide prevention?

CCM expects its 8th Conference to address these important questions. Submissions that engage with the conference theme and address the following topics are particularly encouraged, although we invite proposals for panels and papers from all areas of peace, security governance and genocide. Sub-themes include but are not limited to:
1. The nature of the post-conflict state;
2. Transitional justice procedures and mechanisms
3. Military intervention against violators
4. Security Sector Reform
5. Early warning mechanisms
6. Post-conflict reconciliation

Please submit your paper or panel proposal to / deadline for the submission of paper and panel proposals is 30th March 2016. Paper proposals should include a title, abstract (300 words) and institutional affiliation; panel proposals should include a panel title and description as well as the abstracts and details of panel speakers.

Prof. Francois Masabo
Ag Director of CCM