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Call for Papers to the East African Higher Education Quality Assurance Network Conference


Entebbe, Uganda


The East African Higher Education Quality Assurance Network (EAQAN), a network of quality assurance practitioners in East Africa, is a pleased to announce a call for abstracts for its sixth Annual Regional Quality Assurance Conference 2016. The conference seeks to provide a unique and an important opportunity for quality assurance practitioners, senior administrators of Higher Education Institutions, executive members of national accreditation bodies, higher education researchers, faculty and policy makers to share ideas on quality assurance issues, systems, practices and challenges in promoting quality higher education in East Africa. The 2016 EAQAN Conference shall focus on:

“Enhancing Teaching Quality in Higher Education for Better Student Outcomes”.

The main Goal of the Conference is to foster dialogue through sharing of ideas on higher education policies, QA practices, challenges and prospects for promoting quality higher education in the region. The focus will be on enhancing teaching quality for better student outcomes. The main objectives of the conference are to offer academics and practitioners in quality assurance the opportunity to:

1. Strengthen collaboration, networking and capacity building among stakeholders involved in Quality Assurance work in the region. Specific areas of capacity building through keynotes
and training workshops offered will include Teaching for Deep and Real Learning and Online Education Distance Learning for a Sustainable Future
2. Discuss policies concerning quality assurance in the East African HE system and their impact on the practice of quality assurance.
3. Contribute to the development and expansion of good practices in Quality Assurance for HEIs that support an internal quality assurance culture, particularly around sharing best
practice around benchmarking, self-assessment and peer review.
4. Inform the direction of EAQAN, now in its 4th year, as it plans strategically to meet the needs of quality in HEIs in the region.
5. Learn lessons from the evaluation of the DIES IUCEA IQA initiative in partnership with DAAD/HRK to inform future directions of IQA in the HE sector in East Africa.


Conference papers are invited from quality assurance practitioners, senior administrators of Higher Education Institutions, executive members of national accreditation bodies, higher
education researchers and faculty, and policy makers. Those whose abstracts will be accepted commit to be present at the conference, planned for 16th to 20th May 2016 in Entebbe and hosted by the National Commission for Higher Education, Uganda. All contributions are expected to seek to stimulate a discussion with and engage conference participants.


Funding preference for accommodation to attend the conference will be given to those who have paid up their membership and those whose papers have been accepted for presentation at the conference.


Papers are invited that address the following topics:

1. Strengthening Internal Quality Assurance Systems in East African Higher Education Institutions: Issues, approaches and challenges: In light of emerging issues of quality in higher
education in the last two decades, HEIs in the East African region have responded by establishing Internal Quality Assurance systems characterized by setting up of QA Units, developing QA Policies and frameworks, conducting internal programme and institutional assessments and benchmarking. This topic gives the opportunity for QA practitioners to reflect on the issues, practices, approaches and challenges of enhancing QA systems in institutions of higher education in the region. Papers addressing the issues, challenges and implementation of benchmarking are highly encouraged as are those that critique how current QA frameworks used actually enhance teaching and learning.

2. Supporting Teaching Quality in East African Higher Education Institutions: Following workshops on faculty education development at previous forums, this theme allows for the reflection of how faculty development efforts have led to the strengthening of student learning outcomes and the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL). Papers on efforts to
support faculty teaching to engage students and strengthen their learning experience are encouraged as are those that share innovative pedagogies that have been tried and tested in
the classroom.

3. Assuring quality of open, online and distance education provision for equitable and sustainable tertiary education: With the recent declaration at the United Nations of the Sustainable Development Goals to 2030, goal #4 calls on all Nations to ‘ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all’. Target 43 in the resulting Framework for Action Education 2030 states: ‘A well-established’ properly regulated tertiary education system supported by technology, open educational resources and distance education can increase access, equity, quality and relevance, and can narrow the gap between what is taught at tertiary education institutions, including universities, and what economies and societies demand. The provision of tertiary education should be made progressively free, in line with existing international agreements’. Thus this theme allows for the exploration of efforts on ODEL (Open and Distance Education Learning) in the region and progress and challenges in implementing ODEL for equitable and sustainable relevant higher education as demanded for by the SDGs. Papers that look at efforts to ensure quality ODEL provision are encouraged as are those that share QA frameworks for ODEL

Accepted abstracts may be included in a book of abstracts to be distributed at the conference so should be well edited.


The abstract proposals should:

1. Identify the title of the paper and which of the three key themes it relates to
2. Identify the author(s) with full titles and, in the case of co-authored papers, indicate who will
be responsible for presenting the paper at the conference
3. Identify the organization of the author(s) with contact information
4. Provide a 400-500 word description of the paper submitted in New Times Roman Font 12
5. For presentations of original data or synthesis of existing research, the proposal should specify the questions addressed, the methods used, and the main findings and their interpretation.

Proposals for non-data-based presentations should include clear statements on the practical logic and goals informing the work, the nature of the main issues to be presented, and how those issues advance knowledge, practice, and/or policy in advancing the quality of higher education management in East Africa.


a) March 3rd, 2016: All abstracts must be submitted in Word format to: Abstracts received after this date will not be considered. Incomplete abstracts will not be
b) April 2nd, 2016: Notification of acceptance or rejection will be sent by e-mail to all with notification of further details for the paper presentations.
c) May 16-20, 2016: Conference and QA forum takes place in Entebbe, Uganda


1. Prof. Mike Kuria (Kenya)
2. Dr. Tashmin Khamis (President)
3. Dr. Julius Mbuna (Secretary)
4. Prof. Jolly Mazimhaka (Rwanda)
5. Prof. Kallunde Sibuga (Tanzania)
6. Severin Dushimirimana (Burundi)


For further information please visit EAQAN’s web page on the link below: