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Japan Rwanda Youth Cooperation 16th Conference

Japan-Rwanda Youth Cooperation (JRYC) is a students-led organization, which aims at enhancing mutual understanding between Rwandan and Japanese youth through culture exchange and study tours. It operates in Huye, at the University of Rwanda. Each year, JRYC hosts conferences; both in Rwanda and in Japan; and many other activities on both sides of the Globe to enhance mutual understanding between Rwandan and Japanese communities.

This year, JRYC held the 16th Conference in Rwanda from 5th August to 15th August 2017. This conference convened students from University of Rwanda and different universities in Japan (including Waseda University, Aoyama Gakuin University and others).

During the conference, the students did several activities including visiting different historical and cultural places in Rwanda (Kigali Genocide Memorial and Nyanza King’s Palace), visiting different companies and institutions (Parliament of Rwanda, JICA, Zipline, kLab, FabLab, Umuco Mwiza School and Karisoke Research Center), meeting the local community through travelling and homestays and presentations from both sides (Rwanda and Japan) to share ideas on issues regarding the two countries and their vision towards the future.

Among activities, there was a special event entitled "JRYC Community Exchange" whose objective was to engage Rwandan and Japanese community in Rwanda to reflect on culture, education, development and other fields relating both countries using traditional dances, music, symbolic tools and open exchange. The event convened important guests including Mr. Takayuki Miyashita, Ambassador of Japan in Rwanda, Ambassador Dr. Charles Murigande; Deputy Vice-Chancellor in charge of Institutional Advancement in University of Rwanda, Mme Marie Louise Towari Kambenga, President of NPO Think About Education Rwanda, Izuba Teruko Saito, Director of Amahoro Project in NPO Think About Education Rwanda, representatives from Japan Embassy in Rwanda, representatives from JICA Rwanda office, Japanese people residing or working in Rwanda, JRYC members and friends.

JRYC Community Exchange

JRYC members confirm that their conferences are always constructive and instructive experiences for them as they discover and learn about different issues affecting their countries, they discuss their contribution towards different challenges affecting them despite their differences and very different backgrounds. Hence they can achieve mutual understanding and get more open to the World. They especially recognize and appreciate everyone who supported them in the way including the University of Rwanda.

Other highlights of the conference in pictures below:

JICA Office Rwanda


Umuco mwiza school

Campaign Against Genocide Museum at Kigali (Parliament)

Karisoke Research Center

Nyanza King’s Palace



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