NKAKA Raphael

13 Jun 2022

Ag. Deputy Dean CASS Governance, Development and Society History and Heritage Studies Pre-colonial History of Rwanda, Ethnicity/Racialogy Nkaka Raphael is senior Lecturer at University of Rwanda and Ag.Deputy Dean of the School of Governance, Development and Society. His PhD is on the grip of the racial logic on the rwandan society,1894-1994. He also and did internship programmes in Netherland and USA. "nkakaraphael@gmail.com,
@Nkaka Raphael" "1) R. Nkaka & C. Kabwete (2020), “Sacred Kingship and Political Power in Ancient Rwanda”
Rwanda Journal of Social Sciences. Humanities and Business, Vol.1, no 1 https://dx.doi.org/10.4314/rjsshb.v1i1.3. Main author

2) R. Nkaka & C. Kabwete, (2017) “Royauté sacrée et Pouvoir Politique dans l’ancien. Main author
Rwanda”, Afrika Zamani journal https://codesria.org/spip.php?article2916&lang=en

3) R.Nkaka (2017) “Rwanda National Days celebrations and racist propaganda, 1962- 1982”, Rwanda Journal of Social sciences, Vol.4, 1
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Department of Political Science and International Relations


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